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Catalogue d’art : art contemporain, art moderne, art brut, architecture, exposition, installation..


A score of performative gestures, drawn from the conceptual art and body art scenes from Central and Eastern Europe in the 1970s and 1980s.

Catalogue - Exposition - Installation

Olivier Mosset – Coll.


La monographie de référence d'Olivier Mosset, figure centrale de la peinture abstraite et référence incontournable pour plusieurs générations de peintres européens et américains


L'histoire de la célèbre revue internationale situationniste éditée par l'artiste Jacqueline de Jong de 1962 à 1967.

Catalogue - Exposition - Installation

La Moustache cachée dans la barbe – Francisco Tropa


Vrai-faux magazine hebdomadaire de tendances, à l'iconographie sophistiquée, sur papier glacé


Edited by Walter Robinson, Edit DeAk, and Joshua Cohn, Art-Rite was published in New York City between 1973 and 1978. The periodical has long been celebrated for its underground/overground position and its cutting, humorous, on-the-streets coverage and critique of the art world. Art-Rite moved easily through the expansive community it mapped out, paying homage to [...]


Artist Marleen Sleeuwits, known for her photography, objects and installations, takes this experimental book to propose a four-tiered representation of space: starting with two-dimensional images of space, that are then placed in a scale model, to the photos taken inside this model and, finally, to their convergence in this book. The spaces could be anything [...]


The textures of our culture are reflected within the patterns we produce. Sometimes the surface that hosts the pattern is more slippery than imagined, or the pattern appears to have been too unstable in the first place. As the ruler is held exclusively in the hands of humankind, why then is the pattern so tempting [...]


27 livres datés de 1969 à 2017 accompagné d’un choix de xylographies

Catalogue art

Eigengrau – Coll.


Catalog of the collective exhibition Eigengrau.


Le catalogue présente une collection d'ouvrages photographiques, revues et livres de propagande iraniens publiés entre 1979 et 1983, brève période de liberté de parole à la fin du régime du Shah


Des œuvres d’art brut au regard de la danse


Photographies journaux documents – détritus. Au sol jonché un monde foulé un monde dilaté.