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Special Nothing is a collection of travel photos by Phyllis Ma in the form of still lifes.


Servez citron. Un ensemble de photographies par Éric Poitevin d’assiettes desservies chez Troisgros.


The Leaked Recipes Cookbook: A collection of over 50 recipes found in the world's biggest email leaks and the stories behind them


An exploration of food on screen, through the eyes of directors from Ang Lee to Bob Giraldi.


“I have come to the conclusion that much can be learned about music by devoting oneself to the mushroom.” - JOHN CAGE, 1954


A compendium of artists’ cocktails


Iron-cooked ham and cheese sandwiches, cailles en sarcophagi, explosive pissing beef balls; low, high, accessible, obscure, comical – food, like art, is served up in various guises, but whatever form it takes, it shares the common traits of being a stimulant as well as a necessity for living. Food and art also share a common [...]


the wild exploration of food through film with a fresh dollop fun and ingenuity.


Ces glaces nous ressemblent. Elles veulent nous faire rire, nous faire peur, nous faire envie. Ce sont des clowns.


Le cornichon est une figure récurrente dans l’oeuvre d’Erwin Wurm...