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X Artists’ Books Publishes Courageous, Beautiful Books for Curious Readers
Established in 2017, XAB is a small publisher of thoughtful, high-quality, artist-centered books that fit within and between genres. Our books are works of art; portals to imagined worlds; treasured companions; the fabric of a community. We love the same things about our books as we do about our friends: generosity, open-heartedness, intelligence, mystery, style. They bring sustenance and shift realities. They may occasionally break your heart.

X is a connection, a multiplier, a kiss, a proxy. X is a signature, a mark; it stands for treasure, uncharted territory, the core of infinity. X is mysterious and surprising. X attracts and repels; X learns from correction. X marks the spot.


La première édition reliée de Haiku, livre né à New York en 1964 lorsque la poétesse de la Beat Generation Diane di Prima a remis à l'assemblagiste californien George Herms une série de poèmes saisonniers.