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Ruja Press is a project since 2013 by Ruohong Wu and José Quintanar. By sharing the same workspace they have founded a multidisciplinary studio Ruja Office, where they develop and research on curatorial, artistic, pedagogical and architectural projects. Ruja press is born on one hand with the idea of archiving and arranging all the material produced in the workspace, both as collective and individuals; and on the other hand, as a way of making their personal obsessions public. They have also started the zine series Friends, which is to understand that Ruja Press is also a way of gathering people who enrich them, from profession to everyday life. Ruohong and José often understand books as architecture. That is, not as a simple data container, but a structure in itself where everything (ideas, images, the weight of paper, number of pages, printing technique …) is interrelated. Books are introduced as a temporal and spatial device to construct nonmaterialistic public spaces.

Fanzine de José Quintanar. Seize pages colorées et asymétriques, a glisser dans une pochette.  


Una Silla Plegada ( A Folded Chair) Minimum drawings tell about multiple sections cutting through a chair. Artist: Jose Quintanar Size: 29.7 cm x 20.0 cm Date: Sep, 2019 Page: 32 pages Binding: Paperback Printing: 2 color Riso