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Primary Information was founded in 2006 to publish affordable artists’ books and artists’ writings. The nonprofit organization’s mission is two-fold: (1) to publish out-of-print books that remain vital to ongoing conversations around artistic practice and (2) to publish contemporary books by emerging, mid-career, and established artists.

Primary Information believes that books can function as exhibitions, making the work of artists distributable to a global audience. As a central tenant of its mission, the organization prices all books at cost so that they are affordable and accessible to the largest possible audience.

Dits & Écrits d'artistes

Theatre – Dan Graham


Theatre is an artist book that documents seven early performances by Dan Graham taking place from 1969 to 1977


Work 1961-73 is an indispensable publication for anyone interested in the artist and the radical developments in dance and performance in the 1960s.

Livre d'artiste

On Onions – Elad Lassry


a photographic study of onions


Published in 1973, The New Woman’s Survival Catalog is a seminal survey of Second Wave feminist efforts