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Artist Marleen Sleeuwits, known for her photography, objects and installations, takes this experimental book to propose a four-tiered representation of space: starting with two-dimensional images of space, that are then placed in a scale model, to the photos taken inside this model and, finally, to their convergence in this book. The spaces could be anything [...]


The textures of our culture are reflected within the patterns we produce. Sometimes the surface that hosts the pattern is more slippery than imagined, or the pattern appears to have been too unstable in the first place. As the ruler is held exclusively in the hands of humankind, why then is the pattern so tempting [...]


Un dictionnaire d'analyse du vétement -anglais


How can we decode statues in terms of their object hood and materiality, their role as media icons and their voice in political debates?


Quelles méthodes et valeurs dans la production textile contemporaine