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»Goodbye Bastard« deals with the farwell of a piece of art and the conditions under which artistic work takes place, about the love for objects and the difficulty to let go of them and about unfulfilled expectations. Artzine, 13.5×19.5cm, 32pages, 2 color Risography, stapled, first edition of 100 copies


a collection of three artzines by Julien Gobled and Moritz Grünke.


Stapled zine, 19×26cm, 24 pages, 1st edition of 146 copies, numbered and signed, 4-color risography, 19×26 cm on uncoated 100g/m² Werkdruck paper, 2018


an artzine focusing on political activism in relation to fashion, the liquidation of individuality but also uniformity as a way of protection


The beauty of space, transparency as well as modern design and architecture classics in the graphics by Josephin Ritschel are the privilege of a few.

Edition Limitée

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